Waterline System

Neltex Waterline System is your complete and dependable in-house water piping system for 6 storeys and below.

ALL-IN-ONE: All your Plumbing Needs in One Complete System

Neltex Waterline offers the widest range of in-house PVC piping system for all your in-house plumbing requirements. Our extensive product line covers pipes and fittings of varying sizes, valves, faucets and even PVC cement.

ALL-IN-ONE: Consistent Quality for All Pipes and Fixtures In One Dependable System

In- House Water distribution plays a very important role in our daily lives; we need it for washing clothes, watering plants, cleaning and bathing. But a single fault in the system could cause some serious, if not expensive, repercussions. In fact, research suggests that 13.7% of water bills are spent on water wasted through leaks caused by substandard pipes and plumbing fixtures that often become the weak links in in-house water piping systems. The solution is simple—ensuring that all pipes and fixtures are of the same good quality!

That is why; Neltex Waterline is designed to be an all-in-one dependable system where pipes fittings and fixtures are of “perfect fit” and consistent quality. Each item are tested and guaranteed to pass PNS 65 standards. So, you’re guaranteed to have a dependable water system all throughout its 50 years of guaranteed service. Neltex Waterline products are best used with Neltex PVC Cement.

ALL-IN-ONE: All Practical Jointing Possible In One ‘Waterline’

Neltex Waterline is possibly the most practical waterline system in the country. Not only does it let you save as much as 30% (compared to PP-R), Neltex Waterline products are also flexible enough to be used for whichever cost-effecting jointing you prefer.

Neltex Waterline may be joint using ASTM D2564-compliant and Toluene-Free Neltex PVC Cements for 100% leak-free jointing.

Neltex Waterline may also be joint with Neltex Pressureline through EPDM Gasket or Neltex PPR pipes using Pipe Repair Compression Coupling. Yup, it’s as practical and flexible as that.